Global Warming Address

Dr. Milton Clark give a talk on “Global Warming: The Science, Impacts, and Strategies” to a large audience on June 16. The science is clear. Global warming is occurring and human beings are primarily responsible. The debate is over.

Warming in the Arctic is taken place at a rapid rate (just as predicted) with a temperature increase already of 5 degrees with impacts on infrastructure as permafrost melts and also effects on ecosystems and wildlife. Aggressive strategies are needed within the next ten years, otherwise a tipping point may be reached where it will be extremely difficult to reverse a runaway greenhouse effect. A Moon Shot NASA style project needs to undertaken now where the best energy efficiency technologies and energy sources (e.g., hydrogen, nuclear, renewable) are developed and placed into wide usage. Global warming has now become an ethical and moral issue since we know that future generations will have a lower quality of life if we fail to address this issue now.


Global Warming: An Inconvenient Truth

Finally, someone has now taken leadership on the global warming crisis, which has been developing for the past 25 years. Al Gore’s move documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, gives a reasonable picture of what will happen over several hundred years unless we reduce carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuel use. An increase intensity of hurricanes, reduced food production, increase in diseases will occur because the planet cannot absorb the excess carbon dioxide gas. All of this translates to increased economic losses and extensive environmental impacts.

Carbon dioxide is now become a pollutant. It is disturbing to see only limited actions being taken to address the problem. Because carbon dioxide is so long-lived in the environment (over 100 years), action is needed now to so future generations do not suffer. Our nation needs to undertake “Mission to the Moon” type of research project to move away from fossil fuels. Incentives are are also needed to encourage people to save energy and money.

Scientists also need to take a higher public profile and not remain silent on the issue. To remain silent is to leave the issue to others and that is not acceptable.

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