Dr. Milton Clark has started a collaboration with Worlds Nest in Taos, New Mexico, an organization devoted to sustainability (www.worldsnest.com). Other than world peace, there is no other more important goal for humanity than to ensure the sustainability of the earth for future generations. Under Rober Plarr’s visionary direction, Worlds Nest has assembled a team of scientists and engineers to develop energy saving ideas and to promote green technology. With a population expected to increase by 50% in 50 years so will the demand for resources including water, food, and energy. A major change in direction away from fossil fuel use is needed to combat global warming. This will only happen if the nation commits to a focused research program, similar to that developed by President Kennedy to reach the moon, where the most efficient new energy technologies can be developed and implemented in less than a decade. Without a major commitment now it will be very difficult and costly to stop global warming and future generations will face a degraded world.

On August 10, 2007, Dr. Milton Clark presented a seminar “Moon Mission: Toward a Sustainable Future” at Worlds Nest, which outlines obstacles and solutions to key environmental problems. To download the presentation go to Peter White’s website,www.icandosomething.com.