Environmental Mediation

“Mediation can be a highly effective tool to resolve environmental disputes and avoid litigation.”

Environmental Mediation

Many environmental disputes can be settled without litigation. Often the best approach is to bring people together who represent diverse viewpoints and try to find common ground. Dr. Clark has extensive experience in working successfully with various governmental regulatory agencies and companies responsible for pollution to come up with win-win solutions. We emphasize an approach where all parties are given the opportunity to discuss their concerns and provide their ideas on key steps to resolve the issue. Through facilitated mediation, areas of common ground are identified, and solutions that are agreeable to both parties are found.

Environmental Mediation Projects:

Fox River, Wisconsin

While working with EPA, Dr. Milton Clark successfully resolved differences between federal and state parties regarding cleanup of the Fox River, the largest PCB contaminated sediment site in the country. A method was proposed and implemented to evaluate cleanup levels and times to achieve acceptable risks. By giving additional transparency to the process, both parties were able to reach an agreement.

For more information:

The EPA: Fox River NRDA/PCB Releases, Green Bay, WI Superfund Site

Soil Cleanups, Bloomington, Indiana

Reaching agreement on the cleanup of complex waste sites requires creative approaches. At the Bloomington Indiana Superfund waste sites, Dr. Milton Clark helped to resolve major differences in cleanup approaches between the U.S. EPA and the responsible party.

Kalamazoo River, Michigan

Dr. Milton Clark has worked with State of Michigan, U.S. EPA, and responsible parties to achieve a consensus on PCB cleanup levels in sediments and soils. Remediation work is underway to reduce PCB contamination to acceptable levels.

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